Lego vs Minecraft(think its called that)

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Lego vs Minecraft(think its called that)

Post by Alxir » 26 Jun 2012 20:51

Link to build with Lego
IT giant Google has partnered with Lego to unleash the creativity of both children and adults. On a special Web site, both Australia and New Zealand met by user-generated block construction.

Lego is hardly unknown. The Danish building blocks are a source of creativity for both children and adults, with the most fantastic creations can emerge. Plastic bits are also an eternal curse to all parents, as they always end up in everything from feet to vacuum cleaners.

For the more digital creative launch Google and Lego Project Build , a site of construction shoes character. Users can use the HTML5 and WebGL construct buildings across Australia, which are then approved, synchronized and posted for public consumption at no.
Build may look simple, but this collaborative 3D building experience Would not havebeen Possible a couple of years ago. It shows how father browser technology has come and how the web is an amazing platform for creativity. We made the bricks with WebGL, Which enables powerful 3D graphics right into the browser and demonstrates the upper limit of current WebGL graphics performance.
To begin with, only Australia and New Zealand that apply to any construction. In the long term to Google, however, open up to other countries, and thereby free up even more creative space.
Translated copy...

Is kinda like that game where u put squares everywhere.. but with lego o.o

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